About Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress is a fast-growing multitenant and wholesale data center provider offering colocation, network, and cloud access services to large and mid-size enterprises. Since 1994, the company has expanded its nationwide footprint through both organic and inorganic strategies, now operating eight Type II SOC 1 and SOC 2, PCI, and HIPAA compliant facilities in Seattle, Oregon,, Illinois and New Jersey. All Digital Fortress facilities are carrier-neutral with 24/7 support.

Stable and Redundant

Uninterruptible Power

Digital Fortress understands that power is an important consideration when choosing a colocation facility and, therefore, ensures that power to their facility is stable, redundant, and abundant. Electricity is delivered to the building via dedicated underground Seattle City Light feeds. Digital Fortress provides clients with conditioned, Uninterruptible power via UPS units that feature dual independent circuits for full redundancy, Digital Fortress’s infrastructure is designed to support very high loads and can deliver power in both single and three phase AC configurations.

Long term backup and power is provided by multiple dedicated diesel generators that have a combined continuous run time of three days before refueling is required. All Digital Fortress facility services (racks, network, telephone, HVAC) are fed by the backup power system. The generators are load tested frequently to maintain system readiness and functionality. All of this ensures that clients systems get constant, clean power regardless of what is happening externally.


Reliable Network

Digital Fortress understands that a data center is only as strong as its network, which is why Digital Fortress maintains a diverse and reliable network infrastructure. The building is served by multiple fiber providers, using separate physical pathways. Digital Fortress is licensed as a fully Autonomous System (AS3361) and the network is comprised of fully meshed architecture, guaranteeing multiple-configuration failover with client handoff capacities of multiple 100 Gbps links in terms of bandwidth.

Digital Fortress is carrier neutral ensuring their clients inexpensive connections to numerous providers including the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX). Traffic is monitored down to the port and protocol layer and is supported by their NOC staff. 24/7 professional, courteous assistance is available to clients at any time of the day or night for remote hands needs and troubleshooting support.

Digital Fortress Network / Security Operations Center (NOC / SOC)

State of the art Network Operations Centers

Digital Fortress multiple operates Network Operations Centers (NOC) and nine state-of-the-art colocation facilities, which are located in Washington, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, and Oregon.

Downtown Seattle NOC

The downtown Seattle location is a 23,000 sq ft colocation facility that was extensively renovated in 2012 and purpose-built as a data center. It features a 24” raised floor that is supported by a ground-level concrete floor for maximum live load support, a loading dock flush with the raised floor and a 2N redundant hydronic loop system, and connectivity to multiple telecommunication vendors.

South Seattle – Tukwila NOC

The Tukwila location is a 42,000 sq ft colocation facility situated in Seattle, Washington’s Intergate West Campus – part of the largest Internet Campus in North America. The solid-floor, steel and concrete construction facility was purpose-built with data center use in mind. Every aspect was taken into consideration from the 14’ ceilings down to the electrically conductive, grounded floor tiles that were designed and reinforced to support live loads. The facility boasts a “Seismic-Zone 3 Critical” rating, the highest rating necessary for western Washington earthquake resistance.

North Seattle – Lynnwood NOC

The Lynnwood facility provides fully redundant Tier III 2N in all critical systems and features a critical load power capacity in excess of 6MW. With direct fiber connectivity back to the Westin for the SIX to connect to regional and international carriers.

New Jersey – Piscataway NOC

The Piscataway facility provides fully redundant Tier III 2N in all critical systems and features a high critical load power capacity. It boasts a fiber-rich enviroment with direct connectivity and piering to numberous regional carriers.