Data Center World 2022: What is DEEP?


Editors Note: Digital Fortress’ Portland 3 Data Center was reviewed for the DEEP Pilot Program. The Portland 3 Site was the first data center project to qualify for funding through the Oregon Department of Energy’s State Energy Loan Program (SELP). It played a pioneer role in developing the Oregon Department of Energy’s expertise in the area of efficient data center design.


Max Smolaks | Data Center Knowledge

New sustainability certification hopes to encourage better practices across the data center industry.

A new industry framework launched by Informa Tech aims to simplify the implementation of sustainability measures in the data center.

The Data Center Efficiency Evolution Program, or DEEP, goes beyond power consumption, and looks at many other aspects of the data center that can impact the environment, including water use and eWaste.

The program is designed to certify organizations that follow best practices, based on an extensive evaluation framework, and an on-site assessment of the facility.

“We have received a tremendous amount of interest. It seems everybody understands that we need this program, and we need it now,” Kevin Kent, founder and CEO of Critical Facilities Efficiency Solutions, said during a keynote at Data Center World 2022.

Going DEEP-er

DEEP was developed in consultation with data center owners and operators over several years, and first introduced at DCW 2021.

“We understand that any framework that we want to be widely accepted, and widely adopted, needs to be rigorously peer-reviewed and tested – and that’s what we’ve been hard at work doing,” said Liz Cruz, director of data center programs at Informa.

The current iteration of the DEEP framework includes more than 70 parameters used to score and evaluate data centers across subjects like airflow management, electrical systems, mechanical systems, and processes. It builds on the analysis of current data center standards and guidelines, including those from LEED, DoE, BICSI, ASHRAE, AFCOM, and the Green Grid.

The framework includes an 8-hour on-site assessment of the data center by an industry professional, that is then audited by the members of the DEEP Certification Council. It also includes the production of a detailed report with recommendations for improvements.

To date, DEEP has been trialed by several data center operators, including Bluebird NetworksDigital FortressDC BLOX, and Banner Health.

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