Digital Fortress Provides Competitive Edge for Customers with Increased Connectivity and Services in Pacific Northwest

Image of portland and downtown seattle. where digital fortress has hyperscale data centers offering enterprise customers increased connectivity and services in the pacific northwest


Digital Fortress, a fast-growing, multi-tenant and wholesale data center provider offering colocation, network, and cloud access services to enterprise customers, showcases multiple state-of-the art data centers throughout the Pacific Northwest, including three facilities in Seattle, Washington and another three facilities in Portland, Oregon.

Digital Fortress’ presence in the Pacific Northwest has grown in direct response to three major customer needs:

  • Low-latency requirements – Digital Fortress’ Seattle and Portland facilities all have direct access to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) providing customers with large-scale, high-speed, and low-latency connectivity
  • Global connectivity and services – Digital Fortress partnered with Megaport to provide additional interconnection services in all facilities
  • Excellent customer support – Digital Fortress offers online self-care, available on-site engineer support, managed services, and 24/7 real-time support

The Pacific Northwest’s substantial growth in the last few years has been a hub for both enterprise and hyperscale data center facilities due to its tie with the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), located in the Westin Exchange Building providing reliable interconnection and reducing network latency. Seattle and Portland also benefit from business-friendly tax environments and other tax incentives. Digital Fortress’ Downtown Seattle, North Seattle, South Seattle, Portland 1 (PTL1), Portland 2 (PTL2) and Portland 3 (PTL3) are all strategically located to provide Digital Fortress customers with best-in-class data center and colocation services.

The Downtown Seattle, North Seattle, and South Seattle locations are centralized in a cluster among the nation’s largest cloud computing and colocation facilities. These Seattle locations provide high-performance connectivity with major edge computing and 5G network expansion services. Along with these capabilities, Washington State experiences relatively low power costs which is a major factor for large corporations to achieve new ESG initiatives when expanding their global footprint.

The company’s Portland 1 (PTL1), Portland 2 (PTL2) and Portland 3 (PTL3) data centers sit in the heart of North America’s market for data center development. It’s favorable cost environment and direct access to trans-Pacific subsea cables offers connectivity to fast-growing cities in the Asia-Pacific region. This offers Digital Fortress customers opportunities to further expand its services and capabilities. The strong demand for network services and support for digital platforms in this region has skyrocketed. The post-pandemic data center industry has seen a large increase in IT support across all industries due to the growing economy of Seattle and Portland.

In response to the acceleration of digital transformation throughout the world and demand for “post-pandemic” data centers, Digital Fortress has routinely been integrating new technologies to streamline day-to-day operations for its customers and respond to the increase in demand for cloud migration, security, hybrid IT, 5G services and more. For example, Digital Fortress has partnered with Megaport, to enhance its existing network service capabilities and enable Software Defined Cloud Interconnection (SDCI) across the Digital Fortress’ data center platform, exclusively in the Portland and Seattle markets. This partnership will further equip Digital Fortress with the flexibility to provide enterprise customers with robust cloud onramp and interconnection solutions, complementing Digital Fortress’ reach to the Pittock Building in Portland. With a partner like Megaport, Digital Fortress aims to be a top player in the growing enterprise hub of Portland and Seattle, providing scalable bandwidth, cloud infrastructure, and colocation services. Digital Fortress looks forward to building their network within the sustainably focused Pacific Northwest and growing alongside their customer base.