Digital Fortress Provides Global Gateway with Portfolio of Data Centers Located In Pacific Northwest Connectivity Hub

Global Connectivity via pacific northwest data center hub

Digital Fortress, the rapidly growing, multi-tenant and wholesale data center provider offering colocation, network, and cloud access services to enterprise customers, is currently expanding its connectivity services and capabilities with its roots in the Pacific Northwest to address customer demand for connectivity to the APAC region. The Pacific Northwest continues to be a highly sought-after destination for customers in need of highly connected data center capacity and ultra-low latency services to key markets around the world. With six data center facilities located throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Portland 1 (PTL1), Portland 2 (PTL2), Portland 3 (PTL3), Downtown Seattle, North Seattle, and South Seattle, Digital Fortress’ strong presence in this region provides interconnection capabilities, colocation services, cloud infrastructure and scalable bandwidth to its customer base.

Digital Fortress’ three Portland data centers are strategically located in the booming data center hub of the West Coast and has direct connectivity to the Pittock Block, home to the Pittock Internet Exchange. This largely interconnected facility allows Digital Fortress to provide on-demand interconnectivity services to the North American and Asia Pacific market due to connectivity from seven ultra-high capacity and low-latency subsea cable connections. Digital Fortress offers dedicated and secure cloud connections and an array of Software Defined Network (SDN) Partners. Digital Fortress’ cloud on-ramps provide enterprise customers with direct connections to the cloud and provide a solution for those seeking to adopt hybrid-cloud strategies in their business model. Digital Fortress’ carrier neutral facilities in Portland are part of the Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX) which provides customers with greater performance along with peering and transit services over a 10 gigabit Ethernet fabric. Digital Fortress has partnered with Megaport to provide on-demand connectivity to leading managed service providers enabling low-latency software-defined cloud interconnections across Digital Fortress’ whole interconnected platform.

Digital Fortress’ three Seattle data center locations all have direct access to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX), providing customers with large-scale, high-speed, and low-latency connectivity to its customers. Located at the Westin Building in Seattle, the Seattle Internet Exchange access provides Digital Fortress customers with dynamic bandwidth, improved network performance and ultra low-latency. Like Digital Fortress’ Portland presence, Seattle customers benefit from Digital Fortress’ cloud on-ramp services with access to multi-cloud applications and critical connectivity. Partners, like Expedient, provide Digital Fortress with further capabilities to equip customers with secure and compliant award-winning cloud solutions and managed services. Seattle acts as a crossroad between the North American and Asia-Pacific markets. From Seattle, customers can utilize high-speed, low-latency fiber routes and access to the Asia-Pacific markets via subsea cables and transoceanic cable landings.

Digital Fortress’ six data center facilities throughout the Pacific Northwest are a key global gateway to secure, high-capacity network routes made available by direct connections to the Pittock Block and Seattle Internet Exchange. Digital Fortress’ ability to furnish customers with connectivity to the APAC region is strengthened with partnerships with Telarus, Stratacore, and Accelerate Partners. Digital Fortress’ Portland and Seattle facilities allow customers  to accelerate their connections and improve performance at a global scale efficiently with its secure colocation infrastructure. Learn how to integrate your business today and stay connected with Digital Fortress’ services and capabilities in the Pacific Northwest region.