Downtown Seattle Data Center

The Right Colocation Solution, Right Where You Need It. Secure, Reliable and Connected – All Within Easy Reach of Downtown Seattle

Learn how our downtown Seattle data center
can address your specific needs.

Seattle is exploding – and other Seattle CBD colocation options weren’t keeping up. We designed our Digital Fortress Downtown Seattle colocation facility to offer better connectivity, reliability, security, and convenience – directly in the heart of the core business district.

But Digital Fortress is more than just a great location. We’re experienced colocation experts who work with you to craft solutions that meet your specific data needs, no matter your size or long-term goals.

From startups to hyperscalers to the Fortune 500, we provide the expertise and infrastructure you trust to scale on your own terms.


Get Connectivity Without Compromises

Keep latency low and transfer rates high with connections everyone in town wants:

  • Fully meshed IPv4 and IPv6 network
  • Direct access to multiple carriers
  • Direct dark fiber to the Westin and the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX)

Rock-Solid Redundancy Is Our Specialty

You don’t take chances with your data. And neither do we.

  • Fully redundant Tier III N+1 backup power in all critical systems
  • 6MW+ of critical load power capacity (that’s enough wattage for about 6,000 homes)
  • Multiple points of entry for critical infrastructure
Power Supplies

The Power You Need for the Performance You Want

This facility has versatile power capabilities that maximize your equipment’s efficiency and performance.

  • 120v, 208v, 208v 3-phase, 480v 3-phase power.
  • UPS to protect your critical systems and equipment during power disruptions.
  • Lowest energy costs in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.
Ready to Go

Need Space Now? No Problem.

We’re ready to host you and your data. Right now.

When you need to move quickly, Lynnwood is ready: Turnkey-ready rack space is available now along with office rentals.

Our high-density power cabinets can be available without significant redesign – and even higher capacity deployments are also available.

Office space available! This location has ample office space for you as well, making it convenient to stay close to your equipment – and amenities like loading dock access and covered parking that make life easier.

Stop Settling for One-Size-Fits-All Data Centers

Digital Fortress offers the exact colocation solution you need to grow securely and confidently.


Whether you’re a small start-up, medium-sized enterprise, or a Fortune 500, reliable secure data storage and processing are a non-negotiable today. Too many colocation providers offer a take-it-or-leave-it attitude.

Digital Fortress is different. We make it about you.

We take the time to understand your company’s goals and pain points to craft colocation solutions that fit you. Stay agile and continue to scale without sacrificing the performance and security you need.

Whether you’re looking for a rack, a cabinet, a floor, or a building, imagine the efficiencies, opportunities — and reliability — that come when a data center truly understands your business.

Get the Specs

Take a deeper look at the details to find out what’s different about Digital Fortress colocation.

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