Edge Computing Data Centers Powered by Digital Fortress

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Digital Fortress, a fast-growing, multi-tenant and wholesale data center provider offering colocation, network, and cloud access services to enterprise customers empowers the edge.  With nine colocation data centers and a flagship wholesale facility in Richmond, Virginia, Digital Fortress’ digital infrastructure solutions offer ample opportunity for distributed compute power required by edge computing.

The Pacific Northwest is home to over 14.2 million people and a thriving business hub for many major companies including Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Costco, and T-Mobile. Digital Fortress owns and operates several, conveniently located data centers throughout the region, including multiple locations in Seattle and Portland. Industries including large production, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, education, and research rely on the services and capabilities of Digital Fortress to provide connectivity at the edge in order to operate efficiently not only in the American Northwest, but internationally.

Digital Fortress’ fast networking technologies allow for edge computing systems to create and support real-time applications which is crucial for all industries whether it is supporting remote work or IT operations. Digital Fortress provides customers with computing capabilities for real-time world data distribution while minimizing the risk of network disruptions and latency issues. The overwhelming population and companies require robust network connections to provide the general population and leading companies to carry on with their day-to-day operations. Digital infrastructure companies, like Digital Fortress, can offer the many markets the proper connection and compute infrastructure capabilities with speed, security, and efficiency.

Throughout each market, Digital Fortress operates multiple edge computing empowered data center facilities including in Downtown Seattle, North Seattle, South Seattle, Portland 1 (PTL1), Portland 2 (PTL2) and Portland 3 (PTL3). Combined, these facilities provide low latency connectivity under 10 milliseconds to 14 million people throughout the American Northwest. With its strategically located facilities, Digital Fortress understands the needs of the Pacific Northwest and the demand to support the growing business hub.


Why the Edge?

Edge computing and edge connectivity are becoming increasingly important in today’s connected world. Bringing connectivity and compute power closer to end customers creates a dramatically improved user experience and could one day even save lives. Potential benefits and impacts include:

  • Faster load times for online video streams and better screen resolution for consumers and far lower ping times and smooth play for gamers
  • Faster transaction times for payments and quicker identification and mitigation against security threats for enterprises
  • Life-saving improvements in spatial awareness, reaction times and protection of occupants and passengers for autonomous cars as they strive towards level 5 autonomy

If the futurists’ brave new world of the Metaverse and Web 3.0 is to deliver augmented and blended reality enhanced with AI, these modern miracles will rely on the extreme connectivity, network performance, and compute capabilities that only edge provision can enable. Digital Fortress not only offers industry-leading edge services but understands why it is important to your value proposition today and well into the future.


Edge Computing Data Centers Fill the Need for Speed in the Northwest

Currently, enterprises of all sizes are upgrading their digital infrastructure and technologies to improve efficiency and provide superior access to the cloud. Digital Fortress has the power to help organizations break beyond the limitations of working within the cloud and providing access to the edge to further develop and support the company’s applications. Digital Fortress has the ability to support these companies with access to the edge within 10 milliseconds or less with its expertise in the market. The Digital Fortress team takes advantage of these prime locations to allow for the end-users to achieve greater connectivity through its network connectivity capabilities.

The company’s Downtown Seattle, North Seattle and South Seattle facilities are conveniently located to the core business district (CBD) and have direct connections to the Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX). The facilities provide direct connections to regional and global carriers providing efficient connectivity. Digital Fortress’ Portland 1 (PTL1), Portland 2 (PTL2) and Portland 3 (PTL3) are associated with the Northwest Access Exchange (NWAX), providing peering and transit services over a 10 gigabit Ethernet fabric as well as connectivity to the SIX. With numerous facilities in the hubs of North America and access to multiple Internet Exchanges, Digital Fortress is reshaping the IT and the data computing business. Digital Fortress’ facilities are not only serving the Northwestern markets but are also an international gateway to Canada, the Asia-Pacific and Caribbean islands by the utilization of subsea cables that run through Oregon.

Digital Fortress is proud to empower, enable and support the Northwest region with its edge computing capabilities. The edge computing framework that Digital Fortress offers greatly reduces the need for complex interconnected systems which major companies traditionally utilize.